Basic doggy hygiene tips

Some people believe that they must bath their dogs every week. However, if your dog is healthy, then this is not the case. Your dog will only need to be bathed once every few months.

Some dogs do not like to be bathed, but you must show them that it is a good bonding experience – your dog will certainly love the attention they get from you.

Once you have bathed your dog, it is then a good idea to attend to some other dog grooming requirements, such as cleaning their ears and their teeth, checking for any foreign bodies, such as ticks or fleas.

When cleaning your dogs ears, have a look in your pet shop for any solutions that are designed to do the job well. It is extremely common for dogs to get ear mites. Ear mites like to live in the waxy parts of your dogs ears and if left too long, you may notice a dirty black substance inside your pet’s ears. Follow the instructions carefully on the solution and treat your dogs ears immediately.

Not many people brush their dogs teeth – this part of grooming is often overlooked. Some dog owners only brush their dogs teeth once or twice a year, but this should be done regularly to prevent tooth decay and gum disease. As more often than not, many dogs have to undergo unnecessary surgery to remove bad teeth, due to lack of care and brushing. It is never too late to start brushing your dogs teeth. Try buying a meat flavoured toothpaste, which your pet will be more likely to love.