Basic puppy training starts with ‘sit’

Choosing a new dog collar, or puppy collar and lead can be fun. However, remember that these items are there to act as a safety net when your new dog decides to wander off on his own.

A dog collar and lead can be used to lead your puppy out into the garden to relieve himself after each meal, and many times during the day. Once your dog has got used to you and his new home then it is time for some basic dog training.

Stand in front of your puppy, pat his head to get his attention and make eye contact. It is essential that you, as the owner of this puppy, use a friendly tone so he looks forward to his daily training and starts to bond with you.

Place a small treat in your right hand, allow him to sniff it. Hold the treat above him and when he tries to get it, move the treat towards the back of his head and say firmly the word ‘sit’.

Place your hand on his rear if the action does not naturally make your dog sit then start again. Once he has naturally sat on his own (even if it is a mistake) give him a treat, together with plenty of praise.

If the action is a mistake, he will love your enthusiasm and try for you again.

Do not over repeat, use it when necessary for about three or four times until he sits every time without any distractions.