Baywatch babe Pamela Anderson speaks out for India’s stray dogs

Stray dogs are a big problem in Mumbai, India’s financial capital. So much so that when they are caught they are put down. They have a champion though, in the unusual shape of former Baywatch babe Pamela Anderson. Pamela has thrown her weight behind a campaign to neuter stray dogs rather than destroy them.

Pamela states in a letter she sent to Greater Mumbai’s municipal commission:

It is well established that killing stray dogs is not a permanent solution to controlling their populations.

Dogs cannot use condoms, but with the municipality’s help, they can be ‘fixed’ — painlessly, quickly and permanently.

Pamela’s letter has been revealed by PETA recently.

It is reported that Mumbai suffers from an estimated 70,000 stray dogs, which are believed to be one of the causes of the spread of disease.

Pamela Anderson wants to see dogs sterilised instead of destroyed, a move backed by the ‘Welfare of Stray Dogs’, a charity based in Mumbai. Abodh Aras, the chief executive of the Welfare of Stray Dogs, stated:

It’s not only Pamela Anderson but a lot of children have also been writing to the commission saying that one should have the policy of sterilisation rather than killing stray dogs.

Killing has proved to be ineffective in terms of bringing down the stray dog population and human rabies death. It’s not just from the dog point of view but also from the human point of view.

In the nineteenth century dogs were killed on mass in India by the rulers of the British colony. The policy was dropped in the nineties due to its ineffectiveness.


  • Humane treatment of stray dogs will help solve the problems off too many strays. Befriend them and neuter them and vaccinate them before freeing them. Strays are good watch dogs in the colonies where they reside. the approach of an outsider will be marked by barks.These animals have been a part of our lives from times immemorial. Culling them is an inhuman way of dealing with your best friend. Science is to be applied in a humane manner by sterilisation.

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