Beckham’s bulldog has luxurious flight to LA

According to the media around the globe, David Beckham has allegedly spent £2,000 flying his pet bulldog puppy to Los Angeles. The young bulldog was given to him by his wife Victoria Beckham as a Christmas gift in England. As a role model, perhaps Victoria should not have given the bulldog as a Christmas present.

What has attracted the attention of the media, including the Times of India, Digital Spy and The Daily Mail, is not the possible animal welfare implications of Victoria’s gift, but the affluence allegedly lavished on the pampered young dog.  The mainstream media are keen to focus on examples of celebrity extravagance.

A friend of the couple who reportedly has ‘inside knowledge’ suggested:

“It’s one lucky animal, but David only wants the best.”

The ‘best’ in this case involved using British firm PetAir to fly the young bulldog across the Atlantic. PetAir markets itself as an exclusive service and have devised a premium Gold Standard service. The Gold Standard service aspires to be the height of luxury in pet transportation and includes:

•    A pre-travel health check to ease owner fears
•    A special ticket for the pet
•    A specially crafted wooden travel unit
•    The finest bedding and copious supplies of water
•    A night’s rest in the company of an excellent veterinarian

Whether or not putting dogs on long flights is good for their health and happiness remains an open question, but certainly if a dog is going to fly, this seems one of the best ways for them to do it.