Becoming a dog groomer in your own home

Whatever breed of dog you have in your home, whether he is to be a show dog, stud dog or a family pet, you want him to look good and smell good all of the time.

Your dog is going to be your best friend, and just like your human best friend he will want to look good in the home and while out socialising.

Taking a dog to a professional dog groomer every time he gets himself dirty, or his coat wants brushing and combing, is not always possible. However, help is at hand with cost effective tips on home dog grooming.

Most visitors to your home will not be impressed if they can detect a strong doggie smell. The answer to that problem lies in knowing if your pet is sending out natural dog odours, or an unnatural odour.

Natural dog odours come from your dog’s ears, footpads and anus. These odours are great for other doggie pals outside your home, but they’re not very good for you and your family inside the home.

Wash your dog on a regular basis, if unsure of the number of times your breed of dog should have a bath, ask your local vet.

Some dogs, such as a cocker spaniel, tend to produce more oil through their glands to their coats than other breeds; therefore they have a need for bathing more frequently. In between bathing, take two damp towels, one for rubbing down your dog’s coat and the other to gently wipe his eyes and ears.

Dogs that are less active, normally smaller breeds, are less likely to smell as much as the larger breeds – thus they will require fewer baths.

Dog bathing tips:

  • Choose a dog shampoo that is fragrance free, not a shampoo meant for humans.
  • Rub down with a dry towel or use a hair dryer on a warm setting, but never on hot.