Being a responsible dog breeder

Most people have genuine reasons and good intentions when thinking about becoming a dog breeder. A good breeder should be judged on their concern for the dogs and for the decisions that they make when it comes to breeding dogs, rather than necessarily for the calibre of dogs that you breed. Of course, you will be judged on this but being a responsible dog breeder is much more than that.

A responsible dog breeder should take all the care possible to ensure the dogs they breed end up in good homes. As well as caring for the puppies in your own home and ensuring that time is invested in making them good companions, it is important that you interview those whose homes your puppies are going to. This will allow you to explain the characteristics of the dogs that you have and ensure that they will make a good match with the home that you allowing them to go to.

Do not incentivise the sale of your puppies, with a reduced price for instance, to try to entice a reluctant buyer to take one of your dogs. It should not be about money and this can result in buyers making decisions based on price rather than the genuine desire to give a home to the puppy. You should also be prepared to be on hand to offer advice or support if needs be for those who have taken one of your puppies home in order to ensure the dog’s on-going care.