Bella is one of the most common dog names in Auckland

Just like baby names, dog names tend to go in waves depending on the popular culture of the time. Auckland, in New Zealand, has just published its annual reports of the most common dog names registered in the city over the last year, and Bella, named after the character from the Twilight movies played by Kristen Stewart, is the second most common dog name in the city.

The report showed that other popular dog names including Snoop Dog, Darth Vader and Fox Mulder – presumably the X-Files has just made its way to New Zealand?

The most common name for a dog in Auckland however, with nearly 300 dogs given the name in the last 12 months, is Max. Bella came a close second, with 288 dogs named after the Twilight character.

Aucklanders have given their dogs some original names as well, with names such as ‘Berlios Rotunda Fancy Pup’ and ‘Warwick Wait A Bit’ also being used.

Other popular dog names in Auckland include Jack, Jess, Oscar, Molly and Charlie.