Best way to house train a puppy

Toilet training a new puppy can be a difficult task because more than anything it requires a lot of patience. House training a puppy can be one of the key components to make sure that your house is home to a happy dog.

To start of it is important that a clear routine is set for the dog. Take him to the same spot at the same times each day so he becomes familiar with this. Suitable times to try this would be; after meal times, first thing in the morning, last thing at night and a couple of times throughout the day, particular if the puppy has had a little snooze.

Make sure you remain patient with your puppy and when he starts to relieve himself say the word ‘toilet’ or another such suitable phrase; some people use the words ‘get busy’ – just be consistent. Once he has finished, make sure you praise and interact with your dog so he understands that he’s done something right.

puppy trainingIf you do see your dog ‘going’ in the house, then it is important that you are stern with him but without scaring the puppy too much. Saying No! Firmly will often be enough to stop the puppy in mid-flow and he will be aware that he’s done something wrong. By scaring the dog you only delay the process of successfully training him.

Remember to always praise your dog enthusiastically when he relieves himself outside. Rubbing a dog’s nose in his mess should never be used as a form of punishment – it does not work and can be highly stressful for the puppy.

Look out for signs that your dog needs the toilet. If he is whining, turning around in circles or sniffing in the corner then quicklly lead your dog out into the garden.

Puppies will have accidents at some point in the home so remember to stay calm and patient. With the right timing and a careful toilet plan then as your puppy grows older the need to relieve himself inside and so frequently will stop.