Beware of scaredy-dogs this Bonfire Night

Tonight and, let’s face it, for most of this week and the coming weekend will see a whole array of whizzes, whoops and bangs going off in the night sky. It’s Bonfire Night once again, where children of all ages (from 1 month to 100 years most likely) gather around a fire while someone of a pseudo-responsible nature sets off fireworks in honour of, well, does anyone really care?

Yes it’s fun, it’s loud, it’s colourful and it’s ultimately very expensive (literally setting fire to money) but it’s also somewhat scary for small animals, especially those with finely tuned hearing such as dogs.

Bonfire Night may be fun for you and me, but for dogs like Scooby Doo it can be terrifying (well, everything’s terrifying for Scooby, but that’s another issue). Dog owners are therefore advised to keep their dogs indoors during this evening, and throughout the weekend, in order to protect them from the bangs that will sound all that more terrifying to their tiny, but very astute, ears.

If you have to go out tonight, either to work or to a fireworks display, remember to shut all of your windows tight to keep the sound out and, if possible, leave an item of clothing for your dog to sleep on so that he is reassured of your presence.

Happy Bonfire Night!