Big Issue seller flogs pensioner’s dog while she shopped

A pensioner who left her dog outside a supermarket was horrified to find that a bogus Big Issue seller had sold it while she was shopping.

Sherry Sourena, 60, had tied up her beloved pet Lurcher cross Tetley outside a Tesco supermarket whilst she went to carry out her weekly shop. However, whilst inside, an unregistered Big Issue seller seized the opportunity to sell it to a passer-by for £20.

Ms Sourena, of Bournemouth, Dorset, had spied two men stroking Tetley whilst she was paying for her goods, but did not think anything of it. However, when she went outside, she found that the dog had vanished.

Luckily, two passing girls had told the pensioner that they had seen a man walking away from the store with her pet and, despite carrying heavy shopping bags and having a broken shoulder, she gave chase.

She said:

“I was screaming at [the buyer].”

“He told me – and I believed him – that the man outside Tesco had sold Tetley to him for £20.”

“Tetley wagged his tail and came over to me and wouldn’t leave. It was obvious he was mine.”

“What he did was evil and calculated. He’s ruined my life. I’ll never risk leaving Tetley alone again. He’s all I’ve got.”

The incident highlights the need to make sure that all pet dogs should have a dog collar, and be microchipped, so that ownership can be proven.

The man who sold Ms Sourena’s dog has yet to be identified. Police have confirmed that they are investigating the incident, and are on the lookout for a man who is described as 5ft 9in, of stocky build and scruffy appearance.

Do you leave your dog tied up outside when you go shopping, and are you sure they won’t be abducted by someone?