Big Scoop as the Dogs Trust launches poster campaign

Keep Britain Tidy and the Dogs Trust have launched their nationwide competition to design a dog waste awareness poster.

Children aged 7-11 can enter the Big Scoop 2014 competition, which will see the overall winner’s entry used for the campaign later this year. A countrywide initiative to promote good dog care when out and about, The Big Scoop drive attempts to reduce the amount of dog waste not picked up and properly disposed of by irresponsible dog owners.

The head of education and community for the dog welfare charity, Elvira Meucci-Lyons, said:

“As a national campaign, The Big Scoop engages with children, councils and park wardens to raise awareness of the importance of responsible dog ownership. Sadly last year there was a reported increase in dog fouling with 64% of people saying it was the most offensive litter item they encountered.”

The competition aims to get kids interested in how to properly care for a dog from a young age, with Ms Meucci-Lyons adding that education courses offered by the charity highlighted the opportunity.

Posters need to be returned by Friday, 27th June, be on an A4 sized piece of paper and carry the slogan ‘Bag it, Bin it’.

Individual designers, groups or school classes can enter, with all other elements of the poster able to be as creative as the artists want.

Competitions in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland will select four semi-finalists. All regional winners will be put on the website before the overall winner is decided on Monday, 14th July.