Bond Girl Eva Green wants to fake blindness for dog

22075368_Eva-Green-1She may be a beautiful Bond Girl (winning Daniel Craig’s heart in Casino Royal) and has her own perfume, but when it comes to her dog, there’s nothing actress Eva Green won’t do, and she means nothing.

Eva recently moved from Paris to London, where she now lives, and because dogs aren’t allowed on the Eurostar, Eva had to leave her beloved dog behind. However, Eva loves her Border terrier so much that she’s considering hatching a Bond villain style plan to bring the dog over from France to live with her in London.

Eva explained her plan to Contactmusic:

I’m thinking about faking blindness. My Border terrier is still stuck living in France, because you can’t take your dog on the Eurostar unless you’re blind.

I love my dog so much – he’s basically my husband. I’m thinking about buying a white stick.

How far would you go to take your dog with you if you emigrated?