Border Collie and owner scoop Crufts competition top prize

Natasha Wise, a 29-year-old dog trainer, has been rewarded for her efforts after a triumphant experience at the annual Crufts dog competition on March 11th 2012. Dizzy, her Border Collie pet dog, competed in the event for the Championship Agility Medium award, which has only been available at Crufts since 1978. Following months of training, the five-year-old dog and Natasha competed against four fellow pooches in a flawless routine.

As the most well-known dog competition in the entire world, Crufts is enjoyed by millions of people and this added major pressure for the talented duo. Despite the stresses and strains of being up against so many other skilled canines, Natasha and Dizzy completed their obstacles with ease. The Championship Agility Medium category enables small, medium and large sized dogs to participate.

During the performance, rules state that no touching is acceptable between the owner and their dog. It is purely the months of training building up to the competition that determines how well the dog will complete the 16 obstacles. Some obstacles that Dizzy faced during the competition included hurdle jumping, pole weaving and running through tunnels.

Dizzy’s owner Natasha was clearly thrilled by the victory:

“To win at Crufts is really special and a great consolation, particularly as I have never managed to win it here before.”

Although Dizzy managed to scoop the winner’s title, the other competitors, such as Rebecca Patrick with My Dream Come True, have also gained recognition for their efforts at the dog show.