Bridgend Bulldog benefits from Dogs Trust facelift

Bulldogs are known for their unique facial features and easy-going attitude but Storm, a two-year-old bulldog from Bridgend, had a more peculiar appearance than most.

When she was brought to the Dogs Trust Centre by her previous owner, staff members immediately warmed to her. Her kind eyes, loving attitude and calm temperament made her stand out from other dogs in the centre. However, this breed is vulnerable to certain health problems and when Storm’s breathing difficulties worsened due to an exaggerated deformity, her owner had to make the heart-wrenching decision to give her up.

There is a happy ending to this story though, because when staff at the Dogs Trust Centre discovered the seriousness of Storm’s health problems, they took matters into their own hands and arranged for her to have a facelift. Professionals conducted the operation at the centre in South Wales and despite the fact that she will require further surgery on her eyes to prevent irritation, the operation was extremely successful.

Stephanie Marshall, an experienced vet, spoke about the unusual decision to operate, saying:

“A facelift is an uncommon procedure for a dog but we know it will make a huge difference in improving her quality of life.”

The bridge of the dog’s nose was covered in folds of skin, which prevented her from breathing properly and to rectify the issue, excess skin was detached. Skin problems may have developed had the operation not taken place and thanks to help from the Dogs Trust charity, Storm has now been rehomed.