Brighton march for canine rights

Over the years we’ve become used to ‘rights marches’ in the UK, where people have marched for the rights of the minorities or those who feel they have been opressed. In Brighton this Easter however a march of a different kind took place where the rights of dogs were being fought for.

brighton-marchThe march championed the rights of business owners to allow dogs on their premises on the seafront of Brighton. Because it was Easter, some of the dog owners (and indeed the dogs themselves) wore special Easter bonnets.

The parade was billed as the ‘Doggy Easter Parade’ and it was organised by a Kemp Town tea shop called Metrodeco.

Maggie Morgan, one of the owners of the Brighton tea shop, commented that Brighton should relax its currently very strict attitude:

…to having dogs in cafes, bars and in public places.

A more dog-friendly city would be good for tourism at a time when we are recovering from recession.

And it would be fairer on the vast majority of dogs-owners who are respectful of others and whose pets are perfectly well-behaved.

All of the dogs involved seemed to enjoy themselves as they campaigned for more placed in Brighton where they could meet with their dogs.


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