Bristol Animal Rescue Centre launches celebrity trail

To help celebrate the 135th anniversary of Bristol Animal Rescue Centre, a celebrity-voiced interactive trail has been created and launched around the city.

Hoping to encourage young people to become more interested in animals and the centre, the trail will be open for five weeks. People following the trail will find 13 dogs named Parker around Bristol, all with a unique QR code. When scanned, the code unlocks a number of features including an animation and clues to help find all of the dogs.

Actor Tony Robinson voices the part of Parker the dog, with Giuseppe Dell’Anno, the most recent Great British Bake Off winner, playing the part of a character named Chameleon Diaz. Dell’Anno has stated that he really enjoyed doing the voice over for the comedy character, who has a strong Italian accent.

Another character on the trail is Phan-Tom, the ghost of a cat that haunts a church in the city. Phan-Tom has been voiced by Mark Olver, a stand-up comedian who comes from Bristol. Olver has spoken about wanting to raise funds and awareness for Bristol Animal Rescue Centre.

The trail has been named Parker’s Trail after founder of the Bristol Animal Rescue Centre, Edward Parker. Parker founded the centre 135 years ago after finding an abandoned dog in the snow and not having anywhere to take it.

The centre has been caring for both the pets and wildlife of Bristol since 1887, and the team is hoping that the trail will help to inspire the next generation of animal lovers.