Britain’s fattest Dalmatian at 11 stone

Yesterday, dog owner John Green was in court for turning his dog into Britain’s fattest Dalmatian according to The Sun – and was banned from keeping a dog for ten years.

John Green of Macclesfield, Cheshire, shared his food including chocolate and sweets with his dog every dog, making pet Dalmatian Barney (pictured here courtesy of The Sun) balloon to three times the normal size for his breed in only 3 months.

Jobless Green’s lawyer told the court:

“Mr Green treated Barney more like a friend than a pet. When he had a packet of crisps, Barney had a packet of crisps.”

The RSPCA were tipped off and inspectors found Barney could not even lift his paw,s he was so obese weighing in at 11 stone.

According to prosecutor Andrew Meachin Barney’s owner:

“thought he was a little overweight but did not know what weight he should be”

Green pleaded guilty and was banned from owning or keeping a dog for the next ten years, given community service duties of 200 years and will pay £780 costs.

Barney has had to go on a strict diet and is being cared for at a refuge – he now weighs a far healthier 4 stone.

By letting a dog get fat, owners are causing their pet unnecessary suffering.