Britain’s got talented dogs

Is your dog especially talented? Most dog owners would say yes, of course my dog is talented! Well now’s your chance to prove it, if you live near Hartlepool.

David Shaw, a dog trainer from Hartlepool, has come up with the idea of a Britain’s Got Talent style show for talented dogs. Dogs will compete against each other to find the dog with the waggiest tail and the dog that looks most like its owner.

Just like Britain’s Got Talent, the dogs will be judged by a panel of three stern faced judges, including Rob Cook, Hartlepool town councillor.

David Shaw runs his own dog training school in Hartlepool called ‘Davie’s Dog Training School’

I did this many years ago in Scotland, just for people and their dogs to have a fun day. It is very family and fun-orientated.

It is open to absolutely every type of dog – mongrels, pedigrees and cross-breeds.

It will be an X-Factor-style event or like Hartlepool’s Got Talent.

Other bizarre categories include:

  • Dog the Judges would most like to take home
  • Best dog under 6 months
  • Dog that walks best with their owner

The dog contest takes place in Hartlepool on August 17th this weekend, running from 2pm – 4pm.

If you’re interested in entering your dog, or just finding out more about the day give David a ring on 07877 889 329.


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