British dog owners encouraged to bake their own doggie treats

The BAFTA award-winning programme The Great British Bake Off (GBBO) has inspired many people to start baking, including for their pets.

It has been argued that when GBBO was first broadcast in 2010, it helped to fuel an emerging trend for people to once more bake goods at home. However, it appears that while some were content creating cakes and other confectionaries for friends and family, others were inspired to try all kinds of dishes including, it seems, dog treats.

Brendan Lynch, who was a finalist on the show in 2012, is the driving force behind this trend. He has his own website on which he showcases a range of recipes that he has developed over the years, including the recipes for pooches snacks.

Lynch, who has a pet labradoodle called Monty that he cooks for, told the Telegraph:

“Dogs and cats, just like us, develop allergies and reactions to additives over time, and there is definitely much less scrutiny on what goes into treats and animal foods generally. I decided that I was better off making my own. I am in control of what is going in and Monty likes it.”

The RSPCA is also now encouraging people to bake for their dogs, with the initiative a part of its campaign to encourage pet owners to use reward-based training. This month, the animal charity featured a recipe for honey and banana dog biscuits on their site for owners to make.