Buckle up with your dog this summer

Taking a road trip with your dog in summer is a classic sight and the head out the window with the tongue blowing in the breeze can be an entertaining sight for not just the owners and passers by; it is clearly enjoyed by the dog. However, it is thought that dogs contribute to 1 in 4 distraction incidents on the road, so this could be very dangerous for both you and your pet. Investing in a car restraint for your dog could provide a valuable and wise investment.

dog seat beltEvery dog is different and looking for a seat that is suitable for both the weight and size of your dog is important. Take into the account the car that you drive and the breed of your dog. If you are still stuck thinking about options then ask your vet to help you decide.

Making sure the dog is comfortable is almost as important as safety. You don’t want to take away the fun that your dog has in the car. So, make sure that the belt is snug and secure but try to make it as pleasant as possible for the dog.

A little bribery will go a long way, take a new treat or toy to the car so your dog is distracted while in the restraint. It may be handy to have a few practices beforehand so you know how to put the dog in before he has the chance to get bored.

There are many options available of car harnesses available and are can be found at fairly cheap prices. A few examples of these are;

  • The dog seat belt harness; these are probably the safest option to use for your dog in a car. Most come with an enabled safety feature that if you do collide the impact of the collision will be distributed to the strongest areas of your dog
  • Dog crates are easy to put into the back of trucks or larger vehicles. However it may be an idea to reinforce it with some extra padding in the event of a collision as a dog can still be thrown around a little in these
  • A hammock style restraint is useful if you want to keep the car interior free from dog hair and dirt

These are a great safety feature for digs and will help to keep them safe when taking a journey in the car. A dog relies on his owners for his well-being and for a small sum of money you can have the peace of mind that your pet is fully protected.