Burglar caught and jailed after trained police dog detects his scent

Police dogs play a big role in tracking down stolen goods, drugs and criminals, and it seems that the police dogs in Headingley, West Yorkshire are continuing to impress local officers, after a criminal was caught following a burglary.

When Paul Scatchard attempted to steal expensive items from a house on Cumberland Avenue in the Headingley area, little did he know that, just moments later, the homeowners would return. Upon arrival, the homeowners noticed that one of the windows on their property had been broken, indicating an intrusion.

To find out who was responsible for the crime, the property owners contacted the police, who gathered police dogs together to sniff out the suspects. Tony Baggley, Scatchard’s 32-year-old partner in crime, was on the lookout when he was spotted by one of the family members who lived in the house. When officers discovered that someone else was still in the house, they entered with a police dog and set to work.

The police dog traced the 33-year-old’s scent and hinted to officers that Paul Scatchard might be in the loft. When Scatchard dismissed officer’s requests to give himself up, the police dog entered the loft and proved to officers that he had done his job properly. Scatchard was searched and was found to be carrying six silver rings, with an estimated value of £1,000. Following a court hearing, judge James Spencer QC sentenced both Scatchard and Baggley to three years in prison. It is clear to see that without the help of the police dog, the criminal may not have been found.