Buyers beware when it comes to dogs

Having done your research and decided on the kind of puppy that you want to buy, it is then important to consider researching reputable dog breeders and be mindful of any warning signs when it comes to buying a dog. A puppy can easily worm its way into your heart but be rational when it comes to choosing a dog breeder.

If you buy a pedigree dog, regardless of whether you plan to breed your dog or compete in dog shows, a responsible breeder should have the appropriate documents and pedigree information for your puppy. A good dog breeder should also provide you with a full history on the medical health of the puppy including the shots that they have had and any other procedures such as routine worming.

You should always visit the breeder and see where the puppies have been raised. Your puppy should be in a clean environment with good food and water – and look out for signs that the breeder has too many dogs with multiple litters or any signs of neglect. If a breeder will not let you visit, then ensure that their reason sounds valid. A breeder should allow you to see the puppies in their home but they may refuse in the first instance if the puppies are considered too young.

Finally, if the breeder is responsible, then you should expect a grilling from them before you buy a puppy. A good dog breeder will want to know that the puppies are going to a good home with proper care and so if you get an easy ride, this should raise questions over the kind of breeder they are.