Callous driver runs over dog on purpose

A woman has been arrested by police after being accused of intentionally running over a dog.

Residents in West Hartford, Connecticut, were up in arms after hearing how Bianca Rodriguez purposely mowed down the hapless pooch last week.

Sienna, a four year old Boxer, ran out from her yard into the road on Sunday. Her owner followed her out, and then saw the vehicle approaching from a distance. He witnessed Rodriguez slowing down, before flooring the accelerator and hitting the dog full on. Officer Stephen Estes, a Lieutenant with West Hartford police force, described the incident:

“When she saw the dog come across, boom, she nailed the gas and ran over the defenceless dog in the road.”

“The driver just ran over the puppy that had tried to cross the street.”

Sienna was dragged along the road for 45 feet, before Rodriguez fled the scene. Eyewitnesses to the incident stated that they saw her laughing after hitting the dog. Luckily, the dog’s owner had noted down the registration number of the vehicle and reported the incident to the authorities.

Police later traced the vehicle and arrested Rodriguez for cruelty to an animal, amongst other charges. She made a statement to the effect that the incident was an accident, but eyewitness testimony appears to contradict this.

Sienna was immediately taken to a vet’s surgery for treatment. It is not known if her owner had any dog insurance, but luckily, she only suffered from cuts and bruises and is expected to make a full recovery from her ordeal.