Camping holidays with dogs

Going camping is a popular summer tradition for a lot of British families, even though we don’t really have the weather for it. Being surrounded by the great outdoors can also make it a perfect place for dogs too.

Before going on holiday, it is recommended that you make sure that your dog’s vaccinations are up to date so a trip to the vets would be advised. Keep a record of the certificates in case of an emergency.

Woodlands can be covered with fleas and ticks, meaning that your dog will be at an increased risk of being bitten. Make sure that you take all flea and tick prevention treatments before your trip.

Camping-DogMake sure that all identification is correct and up to date and that the dog’s collar is correct with the right contact details provided. Also ensure to check with the dog’s microchip provider to see if the contact details are all up to date. It may even be a good idea to enrol your dog in a 24-hour recovery service if it goes missing or is lost.

Taking a dog first aid kit is essential to make sure that you can cope with any accidents that might occur while out camping. Items such as tweezers to remove ticks, hydrogen peroxide that will help to clean wounds from infection, styptic powder that will help to stop the cut bleeding and bandages should all be essentials.

You should also plan for both the morning and night. Take a torch should you decide to go for a night walk. If you decide to go for a long walk during the day take a water bottle that can clip onto your belt so your dog doesn’t become dehydrated.

These steps should help to provide a perfect weekend camping away with your dog. Just don’t forget bags for their toilet break!