Can a dog massage compensate a dog for its owner’s absence?

In the world of celebrity, there is often a focus on getting the best that money can buy. When it comes to dogs, celebrities have the disposable income to give them treats many ordinary dog owners can only dream of. However, because they are ‘time poor’ some celebrities may be substandard dog owners. If they delegate their responsibilities, dog welfare may not suffer. If delegation is utilised as an option, though, the connection between a celebrity and their dog may be a slender thing.

As has been recently reported in Digital Spy, the celebrity Bradley Cooper (who reportedly may be dating Renee Zellweger) has allegedly been compensating for his inattention by spending a small fortune on pampering his pooches. The star of ‘Hangover’ has two dogs, Charlotte and Sampson. According to a ‘friend’, Charlotte and Sampson have recently been treated to a luxurious experience in a Los Angeles hotel. The Chateau Marmont apparently has a spa for pets.

Bradley Cooper’s dogs were allegedly treated to the pampering because he felt guilty about neglecting them due to his busy schedule. It is suggested that the dogs received massages, aromatherapy and something equivalent to a pedicure. It could be argued that Charlotte and Sampson may well have enjoyed a long walk around a park and it may be the case that physical exercise in a relatively ‘natural’ environment is what is best for optimum dog health.

It must be said that Charlotte and Sampson were unavailable for comment. In the absence of such authoritative voices, this story is unfortunately long on speculation and short on facts.