Can dogs suffer from stress?

Dogs can become stressed just the same as their owners. Their behaviour can be withdrawn, unsettled, nervous, and irritable and they may have a change of behaviour by barking and chewing up anything they can get hold of.

At first it may be that they go to the toilet while you are out or they have not been able to last through the night.

The occasions when stress can be recognised are:

  • Meeting new people or moving house
  • Travelling by car, boat or train
  • A new child or a new pet is introduced to the home
  • If left alone all night
  • When there are fireworks or heavy storms that result in attacks of thunder and lightening

There are remedies which can help in these stressful times, such as sprays. A spray will help to bring temporary relief if you have to travel. Try spraying the dog’s bed before setting out on a journey or before you retire for the night.

If noise is a problem then try using a diffuser. Diffusers can be handy if there is a new member of the family or a new pet.

Collars are also available if you are leaving your dog at the kennels or if your dog is not used to traffic.

Note: if you are worried then consult your veterinary practitioner for advice.