laughing dogIt was suggested by animal psychologist Nobel Prize winner Konrad Lorenz in his book Man Meets Dog that dogs are capable of laughing just like humans.

Sometimes when you take a picture of your dog his mouth will be open, his pink tongue hanging out and you just know that he is either laughing with you or at you.

A man (or woman) and dog who have that special bond will love to go and play out in the park or garden.

Watching your dog running after a ball or a soft toy will lead to him stopping and ‘panting’. This quick breathing technique is not down to your pet being out of breath, but is reportedly a social panting that can be regarded as an inadvertent reflective response.

Other animals use these breathing techniques when they are playing with other animals and playmates held in captivity such as a zoo.

Films that were made years ago showed monkeys hooting with laughter while showing off a full set of gleaming teeth.

If you own a puppy or a dog that is nervous, forget the necessary doggie training techniques for a while and have fun.  A pet that has fun with their owner will start to build up confidence in them and learn how to relax.

A dog who learns to relax is one that is not stressed and will in time learn the training commands that you want from him.