Can neutering be a good thing for your dog?

Can neutering be a good thing for your dog?No doubt the thought of taking your beloved pet to the vet is not something you normally relish, even more so when he has no actual health problems. Having your dog neutered is a dilemma that many dog owners face at some point or other. Rather than put off what may be perceived as an unnecessary discomfort for him, you may wish to consider the possible health benefits to be had by having him ‘fixed’

For a start, for obvious reasons your dog will not run the risk of developing testicular cancer. An additional benefit of this is that there is also a greatly reduced chance of him developing cancer of the prostate gland too.

Neutering your dog will also have positive effects on his behaviour. He will no longer have the impulse to roam away from home in search of other dogs and, as a result, will have a decreased chance of being run over, picked up by a dog warden or sustain injuries from fighting with another dog.

A neutered dog will also not feel the urge to spray around the house to mark his territory quite so much. If you have experienced behavioural problems with your pet, for example over aggressiveness or difficulty in socialising him with other dogs, neutering may have a beneficial effect for him.

There is also the sociological aspect to consider. Animal rescue shelters across the UK are inundated with abandoned or unwanted puppies. Having your pet neutered will play a vital part in reducing these numbers and allowing rescue shelters some breathing space.

Last but not least, you will spare the blushes for any visitor to your house who may have a particularly attractive leg…


  • What a good article. I agree that neutering is a positive thing for dogs.

    I have heard people say, in the case of bitches, that you should let them have one litter before having them spayed, but isn’t that just an old wives tale?

    Both my dogs have been spayed not having any pups beforehand and they are happy, healthy dogs.

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