Can puppies and older dogs live together?

Just as young children can be endlessly boisterous and tiring to entertain for the older generation who occasionally like to relax and unwind, a puppy and an adult dog can have different approaches to life. It can be difficult to introduce a puppy into the home when there is already an older dog but as dogs in general tend to be very loving and good natured animals, it is not impossible for them to both live happily in your home.

Initially, your older dog is probably not going to enjoy the attentions of a puppy. Puppies can enjoy a bit of rough and tumble with each other, pouncing on one another and nipping with their sharp teeth but your older dog is likely to find this behaviour annoying and may demonstrate this by either growling or snapping at the puppy.

To allow them to become used to one another, there are some things that you can do to help. You should walk them together so that they can see that it is possible to enjoy something in each other’s company and the puppy will have lots of distractions rather than simply focusing on annoying the adult dog. Ensure that you give your older dog lots of attention just as before the puppy arrived in the home and do not be too hard on the dog should it sometimes show its displeasure with the puppy. A mild reaction or growl to a boisterous puppy is nothing to worry about and the dogs need to establish their own relationship.