Can you give a home to eight dogs?

Eight dogs have been made homeless and are in need of someone to care for them after their owner tragically died while they were on holiday. Three of the dogs are puppies, and five of the dogs are adult lurcher cross dogs. A friend was looking after the dogs when their owner was away, but after the tragic accident they were taken to the Dogs Trust so that they could be rehomed.

The dogs are now waiting in the Dogs Trust, in Evesham, for someone to give them a home. Chris Slight, from Evesham’s Dogs Trust, stated:

These poor dogs were clearly loved and well looked after and when they arrived at our centre they were very confused and unsettled at the sudden disappearance of their owner.

You don’t have to offer to house all eight dogs, because they can be split up, but if you already have a well socialised dog then one of these dogs would benefit from your help.

You can contact the Dogs Trust in Evesham on 01386 830613.