Canadian dog takes the biscuit

golden retriever angelEver since dogs became domesticated, there have been examples of dogs saving humans in a variety of different circumstances. As reported in the Edmonton Sun, this tradition of doggy heroism is still very much alive.

The example of dog courage occurred in Boston Bar in Canada and the incident involved an 11-year-old child, a wild cougar and a white golden retriever, Angel. Austin Forman was assaulted by the cougar when he was engaged in the collection of firewood. Cougars seldom venture into the neighbourhood and Austin was understandably shocked by the cougar attack which happened just before teatime. Although the cougar may have been immature, it seems to have been over two feet tall and its paws were large. Austin was unprepared for the attack and the first he knew of it was when Angel interceded on his behalf.

Angel had attempted to alert Austin to the threat prior to the appearance of the cougar, but Austin could not interpret Angel’s slightly eccentric behaviour. In the fight between Angel and the cougar, much blood was shed and Austin initially did not know what to do. However, Austin reacted swiftly and ran into the house for assistance. With the obtaining of help, the cougar was defeated, but it at first looked like Angel had sustained a fatal injury. Fortunately, Angel soon revived and looks very well set to make a full recovery. Austin would have been heartbroken if things had turned out differently.

To reward Angel, Austin’s family bought her a prime T-bone steak. Their gratitude for Angel’s valour may be expressed several times in the future.