Canine cancer tips written in new book

42Rules_FightDogCancer-bigDog cancer is a subject that is not usually talked about very often, but dog cancer, much like human cancer is caused by damaged DNA that can cause an uncontrolled increase in cells. An exposure to carcinogens such as smoke, pesticides, additives and preservatives all impose a risk to a dog over time.

Sometimes a dog may have inherited damaged DNA which may result in an inherited cancer but this is not too common. There is a correlation between the dog’s age and the chances of the dog contracting cancer. Worryingly cancer is now the leading reason for death in dogs older than 10 years.

Aimee Quemuel’s book “The 42 Rules to Fight Dog Cancer” has been written from the viewpoint of 21 owners who have all had a dog with cancer. The book aims to give owners advice, real success stories, tips and treatment plans. The website also offers a database in where owners can search a database to see how other owners have coped with their dog’s illness.

aimee.quemuelQuemuel is also donating $1 from every purchase from the books to many different dog charities. Some of the ones to benefit from this will be; The Morris foundation, Canine Cancer Awareness, The Magic Bullet Fund and the National Canine Cancer Foundation. Quemuel also called the project a “True passion” rather than a money making scheme.
Quemel added:

“Originally, the book and the site were going to focus on my personal journey and my dog Cody’s cancer success story, But I soon discovered that there were many dog cancer success stories to be told.”

The book is available to buy online now.