Canine cystitis and your puppy

If you have owned a puppy before then you will probably recognise the signs of cystitis. The urinary tract infection can be treated by your local vet and the symptoms disappear quickly, but can come back when the treatment has finished.

It is usually the females that pick up the bacteria in the digestive tract as their urethras are broad and short in length. Canines can have bladder stones and there is no real answer to the question of which comes first the stone or the bacteria.

The stones are an irritant in the walls of the bladder and can be painful. Hints and tips to prevent the infection are listed below:

  • Keep a large bowl of water available for drinking
  • Remember to let her out regularly for the toilet
  • Change her food to a natural one with no preservatives
  • Take the puppy for plenty of walks on a daily basis
  • Bath her regularly to avoid the bacteria


Herbal Remedies such as Barberry and Uva Ursi can be used as a natural treatment. However if the condition does not improve you may have to ask your vet to do a urine culture to establish where the bacteria is situated.

You should make sure your puppy has finished the medication to ensure all bacteria have gone.