Canine psychic makes world cup predictions

A supposedly gifted doggy psychic, called Roo, is preparing to predict the outcome of world cup games.

She has already predicted a win for England when they play Italy on 14th June. Fittingly, Roo is a British Bulldog named after Wayne Rooney.

She made her forecast using three bowls of dog biscuits, with the test conducted at the headquarters of Pets at Home.

Each bowl was labelled and positioned so that the dog could not see the tags.

Bowl One was the England flag, Bowl Two a draw label, and Bowl Three the Italian flag. She ate from the England bowl, placing her bet for an English victory.

Perhaps surprisingly, Roo has previously been correct in predicting the outcome of sporting events. She selected Pineau de Re to win the 2014 Grand National; at the time, the horse was a 25-1 outsider.

England fans welcomed this doggy prediction. However, fans who read the predictions that genius Stephen Hawking produced for Paddy Power were feeling a bit disheartened; his study concluded that the climate in Brazil put England at a disadvantage.

However, Dr Hawking’s study was not all bad news for England fans. His figures showed that playing in red increased the team’s chance of winning.

The doggy psychic, Roo, looks set to step into Paul the octopus’s empty spot. Paul, who predicted the outcome of many 2010 World Cup games, died in October of that year. Roo will join the ranks of animal oracles like Sonny Wool and Lazdeika the Crab who also predict the outcome of sports events.