Canines mingle with celebrities at the Dogs Trust Honours Awards

For many months, courageous dogs have been battling it out to win the crown at the 2012 Dogs Trust Honours Awards. Just a week after the announcement of the winners, the bravest dogs in Britain have been experiencing many photo shoots and plenty of praise. With five total winners, the competition was exceedingly tough. As many as 200 humans and 30 canines eagerly awaited the results, as numerous celebrities and famous faces paraded around the event, getting up close and personal with the brave candidates.

Some celebrities who were present at the event included Alesha Dixon, Dawn Porter and Deborah Meaden. After more than 4,000 votes were analysed, the nominees sat tight and hoped for their names to be announced. Two main categories were focused on during the celebrations, which were Hero Pet Dog and Hero Service Dog. Although the chances of winning were relatively slim, every canine was treated to a play zone area on the night.

The Hero Pet Dog winner was Izzy, who managed to detect changes in her owner’s health. Following this, the dog cleverly succeeded in informing other relatives of the problem. This resulted in Izzy saving her diabetic owner David Robinson’s life. The Hero Service Dog winner was Aman, who was applauded for his bravery when he carried on with police dog duties, even though he was seriously harmed himself. After receiving numerous stab wounds, three pepper sprays and six tasers, Aman successfully assisted in restraining a dangerous criminal. PC Steve Jay from Handler Suffolk Police was extremely thankful for his companion’s fortitude.