Caring and training your dog with the help of DVDs

There are many products available for your puppy, but how do you take a course on training your puppy? How do you decide which puppy suits your particular needs for you and your family?

Help is at hand with sets of DVDs for you to buy on training your puppy, from Houndstar Films Pets DVDs.

One of the DVDs available shows twelve different dog breeds and how to look after them. Each dog breed on the DVD starts off by showing the history of the breed and then how to choose the puppy that is right for you.

Listed below are different stages of the DVD.

  1. Stage one is puppy proofing you home, transporting the puppy to your home and arriving home.
  2. Stage two is the important aspect of toilet training and the visit to the vets.
  3. Stage three is an exercise routine and socialising your dog.

Dog training DVDs:

  1. Stage one on this DVD shows how to train your dog, from the easy things to the hard things.
  2. Techniques to let your dog know you are in charge.
  3. Teaching your dog to have manners.

Tip: Choose a dog that can fit in with your family and lifestyle. If you are out at work all day, do not choose a dog that requires long walks every day unless you are committed to exercising them morning and night, whatever the weather.