Your defenceless little puppy will, much like a baby, depend on you entirely for the best care possible during the early days within your home. There are some tips that you can keep in mind to ensure that your little puppy stays safe and you are the best dog owner that you can be.

First and foremost, you should ensure that your puppy has a puppy collar with your contact details so that should anything happen and your puppy is lost, anyone who finds him can get in contact with you. It may seem unlikely that you would ever lose your puppy. However, if he is startled on a walk or exploring and escapes from your yard, you should ensure that you have taken the best care to protect him should the worst happen and he becomes lost.

Creating a safe bed for your puppy in the home such as a doggy bed or a crate means that your little pet has somewhere safe and warm to curl up should they become overwhelmed in their new surroundings. Keep your home tidy so that your puppy cannot get themselves into some mischief that could turn dangerous – for example, keep dangerous liquids or kitchen detergents out of their reach.

Although your puppy is small, it is important to start grooming a dog right from the start to maintain their optimum health. From bathing to nail clipping, your puppy needs grooming just as much for your family’s health as your own.