Celebrity’s pup in doghouse

Television presenter Holly Willoughby took to Instagram recently to share a snap of the family pooch, Bailey, looking extremely guilty.

Willoughby adopted Bailey, a Golden Retriever, last year, and she has shared lots of fun pictures of the dog with her Instagram followers. Bailey also joined the presenter and her co-star Phillip Schofield on the This Morning sofa last November. Willoughby has since explained that her daughter had been asking for the family to get a furry friend of their own since she was able to talk. She has gushed over the pup, saying that she has been a perfect addition to their family, especially because the family are all getting more fresh air and exercise now.

A recent video of Bailey shared by Willoughby showed the pup covered head-to-toe in mud in the family’s garden. The extremely guilty-looking rascal lowered his head, and then the camera moved to the back of the garden, where plants and soil could be seen scattered all over the lawn. As well as clearly digging up the plants, Bailey had rolled in the soil, causing his usually white fur to go black.

The TV presenter had the “Oh No” Tik Tok sound playing over the video, and she captioned the post simply with ‘Bailey!!!!!!’ This is not the first time Willoughby has shared the dog’s naughty antics – she posted a picture of him lying next to broken parts of a hoover earlier in the year. The star said she had been preparing to clean parts of the hoover when Bailey got hold of them and chewed them up.

Despite his naughtiness, it is clear that Bailey is a well-loved pup.