Cesar Milan, the Dog Whisperer, is touring the UK

cesar-millan-dog-whispererCesar Milan the acclaimed dog whisperer is here in the United Kingdom. Many frustrated dog owners are pleased to hear that this Californian dog trainer has come to this country with his twelve date arena tour, although the subject of Cesar Millan and his ‘dog whisperer’ techniques seem to divide dog  owners into those who love him and those who hate him.

This tour for Cesar is an opportunity for him to show off his techniques to cure dogs that have problematic behaviour.

Cesar grew up in Mexico where he worked as a farmhand while helping at a vet’s surgery.

Working with animals Cesar realised he had a special gift of understanding dogs. At the age of 21 he crossed the border into California with no money and no job.

In Los Angeles Cesar worked in a grooming parlour and fate brought along a lady called Jade – the wife of Will Smith. Will Smith later recommended Cesar to Oprah Winfrey to sort out her pet dog. The result was Oprah was so impressed with his natural ability with her dog that she gave him a slot on her television show.

Fate had brought Cesar his first taste of success and a whole new vocation to bring salvation for pet dogs.

Cesar advocates that when taking control there are three main rules for dog owners which are, in order, plenty of exercise, discipline and then affection.

Dates for his tour are being advertised in national papers and on Ticketmaster.


  • hi i was just wanted to now if you could help my sister she has a dog witch just will not be controled when we walk the dogs if the dog sees any one or another dog she goes made no-one is able to into the house we have to lock here in another room we have tried every thing please help

  • Cesar will come to Brazil? I have 3 dogs with temperaments different and one of them – labrador – this is not overweight because
    I can take it to the street.

  • Cesar, I love animals, from tiny. I’ve picked some of the street and I’m currently with five dogs, two males and three females. Your work is wonderful, lovely … I would love to one day meet him and be able to learn a little with you about canine psychology and human too. Thank you. Namaste

  • cesar, sempre assistir o seu programa, sou fã número um. Adoro o DERY seu fiel amigo pit bull.
    gostaria que mandasse um oi para mim, e quero saber quando vem aqui no BRASIL, espero que seja logo, pois divulgo seu belo trabalho para muitas pessoas, e gostaria que viesse aqui em minha casa, conhecer meus 4 cães e dar um jeitinho neles. Aguardo resposta, abraço
    vera klauck.
    cidade:Luis Eduardo magalhães, na Bahia.

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