Charity receives lottery funding to train dogs

More and more dogs are required every single day to assist with daily duties in the police force and the emergency services. Despite the need for these talented canines steadily growing, the funding required to completely train them is often difficult to obtain. However Search Dogs Essex, a Harlow-based charity, has struck gold after receiving a grant that will enable scent discrimination and specialist man trailing development to take place.

The Big Lottery Fund is to thank for this fantastic news, as the grant would not have been possible if it weren’t for this funding group. Now the charity has a goal to train eight dogs or more by December, all of which will maintain the skills to assist workers in the emergency services. Since the grant was awarded, Search Dogs Essex has had the pleasure of being made members of an institution called International Bloodhound Training.

The procedures followed with the International Bloodhound Training workshop program will work on training the canines in detecting particular scents, which could lead to breakthroughs in investigations. Karin Jung, a dog handler, is aiming to become a fully qualified teacher for all canines that have the potential to get involved in this field of work. Speaking about the passion for success, Karin said:

“Fully operational man trailing dogs will be able to follow the trail of a person for a much longer period of time. When fully trained these dogs will help searches for vulnerable people be solved quicker and hopefully aid more positive outcomes.”