Chew-toy safety for your dogs

A dog loves to chew things and it is usually a good way for them to keep their teeth healthy too. However, if you are worried about the dangers that chewing certain things may have on your dog, then this should put your mind at ease.

Each pet is different so there is no set plan for your dog and his chew toys. Good judgment and supervision is crucial in order to maintain the protection of your pet. Chewing for a dog is a natural and healthy activity for dogs. The amount of tartar and plaque can be decreased by chewing, and it stimulates a dog’s mind away from other activities. The selection of your dog’s chew toys should be made on your own dog’s personal behaviour and how enthusiastic they usually are with chew toys.

dog chewing a chew toyA plush dog toy should be monitored when being chewed by a dog, as it is not uncommon for them to rip open the toys and ingest the stuffing or the squeakers that are inside the toy. To get the best use of these toys, using them as a part of a retrieval game would be ideal for your dog. Keep the toys in a safe place when finished as you don’t want your dog exploring them while you are not around.

The content of the chew toy is also important in regarding the safety of your dog. Toys that are made of wood or rope can be fairly dangerous and can lead to a dog getting splinters in the mouth, which can become infected, or strands of rope becoming caught around the teeth. Again these toys are best being put away when the owner is not there to play with them.

Young teething puppies will also need stimulation and, therefore, finding the right chew toy that is applicable to their growth development is essential. Make sure that the toys are an appropriate size for the dog, not too small that they could swallow them and not too large that they become frustrated and disinterested.

Chew toys are a great way to be incorporated into a reward scheme which can be very useful to the development of puppies and adult dogs.