Chihuahua is world’s ugliest dog

The annual contest to find the world’s ugliest dog was held once again over the weekend, in Petaluma, at the Sonoma-Marin. However, due to the demise of Miss Ellie, who won the pedigree category at last year’s event, the field was wide open this year. Last year’s overall winner, Pabst – a boxer mix, was beaten by the new winner, and officially the ugliest dog in the world, Princess Abby – a Chihuahua.

Princess Abby’s owner, Kathleen Francis, picks up a $1,000 cheque in prize money at the 22nd ugly dog event (yep, they’ve been holding this event every year for 22 years!).

Kathleen Francis doesn’t even consider her dog Princess Abby to be ugly, commenting:

“I don’t think she’s ugly at all. I think she’s the most beautiful dog.”

The dog’s back and legs are curved in a strange manner, and her left eye is closed, unable to open. The Princess defeated last year’s winner, Pabst, and a strong field of very ugly Chinese Crested dogs. Kathleen Francis only recently adopted the ugly dog, after she had been abandoned by her previous owner.

The deformities within Princess Abby are thought to have been caused by inbreeding, which was a subject hotly argued over not so long ago following the ‘Pedigree Dogs Exposed’ TV program, and also caused the BBC to drop its coverage of Crufts.

Abby was chosen as the ugliest dog in the world by a panel of celebrity judges, judges that included Christina Moore (from ‘That 70’s Show) and Matt Scannell, lead singer from Vertical Horizon.



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