Chihuahua smuggled through airport in Dublin

One of the worst parts of going on holiday for any dog owner is leaving your beloved dog behind. Sadly, the realities of trying to take your dog with you when you fly are very troublesome, which is why one dog owner tried to smuggle his Chihuahua through airport security at Dublin airport.

The dog was concealed in a handbag (as Chihuahuas tend to be these days) which was then put through the airport scanner. Airport officials believed the small shape inside the handbag to be a stuffed toy, but on closer inspection found that it was a live dog – albeit a very small one.


The dog, and his owner, had just arrived at Dublin on a flight from Madrid. His owner was Bulgarian, and he’d wanted to take his dog with him to Dublin. The dog has now been placed in quarantine with the Department of Agriculture and Food. The Bulgarian man was arrested at Dublin airport for trying to smuggle a dog into the country.

A spokesman for the Revenue explained:

Officers had discovered a Chihuahua-type toy dog which had been placed in a small cage and hidden in a holdall bag.

When Customs officers examined the luggage the image of a dog in a small cage appeared on the X-ray screen.

The dog appears to be in good health although a little dopey from the journey.

Dog owners are advised to leave their dogs behind when they go on holiday, either with a family member or friend, or to find suitable dog kennels for them.


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