Chihuahua upstaged in Famous Grouse ad

Dogs get everywhere nowadays, so much so that it seems we are fascinated by famous dogs – and this fascination has been tapped into by the latest advert from whisky brand, Famous Grouse; a brand renowned for its adverts.

The latest Famous Grouse ad spot broke earlier this week on Monday and according to Campaign Live aims to:

tap into the cultural fascination with fame and its transient nature by presenting a brand to which fame actually does apply

A Chihuahua represents the pampered star with fleeting fame – suitably so, considering the fascination with ‘handbag pooches’ and the rather disconcerting growing popularity of the Chihuahua breed.

The diamonte dressed-Chihuahua struts across the screen accompanied by flashes of paparazzi cameras until it meets the Famous Grouse.  When they meet, the dog points its nose in the air and struts off screen, leaving the grouse to raise a rather quizzical eyebrow, shake its head and shiver before the words appear on screen:

Famous for a reason – Scotland’s favourite whisky

The ad is created by AMV BBDO and directed by Gerry O’Donnell.

No doubt there will much laughter generated by this great new advert, but also several dog owners rushing out to buy a diamonte dog coat for their dog…  Watch the advert here: