Children and dogs, a happy mix?

Children love to play with puppies or dogs. Certain dogs love the noise and the games associated with children, others will actively avoid contact with little ones. Therefore, is it a good idea to introduce a puppy or a dog to a young child?

Getting it right at the beginning
Before you take your new pet home, take your child to meet him or her. The dog must be happy around children, it is a good idea to ask the breeder or rescue centre for their feedback on how the dog reacts with children.

Basic safety rules
Good hygiene and common sense make the relationship a happy one. Teaching a child not to push his or her face too near the dog is just one example. Licking faces shouldn’t be encouraged. A dog’s toys are his or her own as is their basket. Children’s toys are dangerous; many unforeseen trips to the vet are due to small parts being swallowed by playful puppies.

Growing up together
Grooming and the dog and puppy training are fun activities. Learning basic doggy body language is quite easy and just as well. Puppies that need to go outside can’t wait for too long before an accident happens. Dog walking is a great outdoor activity that the whole family can enjoy.

Puppies and children are generally quite impatient by nature, they can learn important social skills such as being calm and gentle together.

Owning a dog will enrich a child’s life and bring hours of pleasure; children and dogs are great companions.