Choosing a pet from an animal shelter

It is all too easy to pick a puppy if you are looking to introduce a dog into your family. Certainly, puppies have their appeal, not least because of their cute looks and playful manner. They can be trained and depending on the breed, can be introduced into families with young children. You may also prefer to get a pedigree rather than a cross-breed that you may find in the local animal shelter.

However, dogs in general give so much love and companionship that it is worth considering taking one of the many unwanted or abandoned dogs at a rescue shelter into your home. Of course a shelter should be responsible and not house a dog with you that may have too many troubles to be suitable for re-homing, particularly if you have young children, but they should be able to advise you on the best dog they have for your situation.

You should ensure that the pet has been thoroughly checked over in terms of medical checks and vaccinations, to safeguard any pets you may already have and to save you any hefty vet bills and of course, future heartache should your new pet develop something serious in terms of illness.

Your rescue pet may be an adult dog but they will certainly require some training when you bring them into your home. Allow them time to inspect your house and time to get acquainted with their new surroundings but ensure you enforce your rules as early as possible to instil discipline.