All kinds of dogs are available for adoption from a shelter, so making the decision to adopt a rescue dog can be a great experience, provided that you have the time to invest in training and making sure that the newest member of your family is well socialised into your home.

To make an informed decision rather than just an emotional one is very important when choosing a rescue dog. Although you may be tempted by a sad story or a cute face, it is important for both you and the dog that you make the right choice when choosing a rescue dog. Not all dogs will be suitable for your family situation and taking home a dog that has the wrong kind of temperament to deal with a busy family life with lots of young children, for instance, could cause even more damage to a fragile animal. Fortunately, most dog shelters will be responsible enough to make the necessary enquiries about your home life before placing a dog.

You should give the usual considerations to what kind of dog is suitable for you, regardless of whether you are getting a new puppy or a rescue dog. Considering whether you can accommodate a small or a large, remembering that size does not necessarily reflect the kind of exercise that your dog will need. Also bear in mind whether you can afford the time and cost of grooming a dog with a long fur coat. Most of all, make sure that all family members meet the dog, so that you can assess how they will interact and ensure no fear or aggression is shown by your prospective pet.