Choosing a stylish but comfortable dog bed

Most breeds of dogs can sleep 12 to 14 hours a day, and that does not include their doggie naps. When choosing a dog bed, the most important consideration should be the size and its durability.

There are many different styles of dog bed, and some of the design elements are to create a bit of fun for a new puppy. Adult dogs require a larger dog bed. If you want a dog bed that will last you and your dog for a long time as your puppy grows, choose a dog bed according to the size that your dog will be as an adult.

However, at a puppy stage, your pet may have a few ‘accidents’ meaning that his bed will need washing. Sometimes it is best to look at the option of a bed for a puppy, later choosing a dog bed for an adult canine.

A dog bed for a new puppy should be low to the ground, have a cushion that is firm and have easy access for your pet’s little legs.

There are dog beds that have a washable cover, one that is easy to unzip and wash. This is important to lose that doggie smell that appears over a certain length of time.

In today’s marketplace, the designs of dog beds vary. Some can be colour coordinated to your living room, others for a puppy are in the shape of a castle or an igloo, while a senior dog can relax in one that resembles a settee.

Most breeds of dogs love to curl up in a round bed, feeling snug with a high back giving them a feeling of security. Other dogs may prefer a large cushioned and well padded bed so they can lay at full stretch.

A dog who suffers from arthritic joints will love a heated dog bed. Manufacturers of heated dog beds predict they can sooth a dog’s aching muscles.