Choosing the correct diet for an exotic breed of dog

More and more pet owners are choosing to own an exotic breed of dog and making the correct decision regarding their food can seem complicated.

Dog food for an exotic dog has to ensure, as with all dogs, that he has the correct balance of protein, carbohydrates and essential vitamins, and this can be more challenging than choosing food for a working breed.

The manufacturers of dog food have recognized this opening in the market and have risen to the challenge. Always check the labels for product information before purchasing wet or dry food for your dog.

Canned Wet Foods

These are foods which non-vegetarian concentrates which have taken either mutton or fish and mixed them together to make them tasty for your pet.  Vegetarian food options are available for your dog if preferred.

Dry Foods

Dry food is either chew sticks or biscuits and they are useful as a snack too. They can be mixed with wet food or left out and are a quick meal for busy people when they have little time.

Long Lasting Chews

Dogs are naturally nibblers and chompers and these are a handy way of keeping your pet dog busy, especially if he’s alone for an hour or so. Remember to vary treats and not to give dogs too many or instead of a meal.