Choosing the correct dog collar for a small dog

small dog collarWhen choosing a new puppy and after having decided on a smaller breed of dog, it is important that you purchase a dog collar which has been manufactured especially for small dogs.

A dog collar for a medium to large breed of dog can harm a small dog. Small dog collars should be fitted snugly around a puppy’s neck; a collar that is too loose could strangle a puppy.

If your dog is around 5 pounds in weight, the collar should measure approximately eight inches. It is always best to take your new dog with you and try the dog collar on, if that is not possible or you prefer to order online, read the information about the actual neck size of the collar and measure your pet’s neck, this criteria is essential to ensure it fits correctly.

Dog collars for small puppies and dogs need to accommodate some room for growth; ideally they require a soft lining and room for adjustability. Comfort around the neck stops a dog suffering from rigid materials; the best ones are light in weight and made of nylon or soft leather.

Dog tags have to be fitted onto the collar as well. Some dog tags are made in the shape of a bone or a pretty bow, most are square or round and choosing the correct one that suits your breed of dog can be fun.

Dog tags are an important part of your dog’s care because, if lost, the address details on these tags are your dog’s lifeline as to whether you see your dog again. If you move to a new home, remember to update your pet’s dog tag and address details.


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